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Having a job for life makes you start thinking about a longer term future, ask yourself buy a flat, please consider making a trip to the place where you have always wanted to go, etc. They thought that although they were in the mind are made more tangible by the security and offers you a job. The salaries of the staff varies greatly depending on the administration for which they work on this subject have been many complaints since eg national police officers earn less than locals, but regardless of these cases no longer average salary for many households is an economic relief. Others who may share this opinion include James Reinhart. Also in times of crisis the staff member’s salary is frozen but not low. Officials have also called a Moscow are days off that they own and they can enjoy throughout the year. In addition to the days holiday that is every worker’s a Moscow make life easier for staff.

The schedule of the officials is another advantage worth mentioning, not everyone has the same schedule and do not enjoy what is explained below, but it is common to find people who do comply with this. In the administration is placed on those who do not have to work in the evenings or only work a few afternoons a week, many officials have holiday weekends and also some not to comply with 8 hours of work. This and the ease of meeting the schedule is a major advantage because the staff can spend this time outside working on it or the people around you. The Administration offers numerous training courses to its employees for their skills are continually updated with technological advances. With the benefit of non-core courses and the workplace is not affected if you take the decision not to perform them.

Lately there is much talk of benefits of staff with respect to new laws that are passing, in addition to equality legislation that is always, an employee may exercise their rights (right to strike, maternity, etc.). without retaliation. The leave of the staff can enjoy adapting to multiple cases, such leave may be asked to try to work in private enterprise as if it goes wrong you can always come back. Another type of leave which is on the agenda is for maternity. In any case if it decides to return to the official government retains seniority rights. Although you can not generalize, because each job is different and there are officials who do not adapt to these benefits and working more than eight hours, working weekends, etc. But generally what a person gets when approving official is a test for quality of life.


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