The Bricks

For the being it leaves from this quntico field that works with energy and electromagnetism, we are a traveling mass of energy, worked thanks to her and are like a traveling magneto. Now we are going to deepen a little but on the subject of the quantum physics or quantum mechanics being said that she is one of the most modern branches of the scientific research that was developed with the eagerness to understand the nature of the physical reality. This science has made possible back all these theories that " Our thoughts create ours mundo" since it describes accurately mathematical how the particles behave that conform our physical reality. This science says to us as much that the electrons can be tolerated of both forms, as particles and as invisible waves of energy. When they become waves, these " electrones" they are not possible to be located (it is as if they did not exist) but exist like fields of probabilities. When they are in the particle state, the field of probabilities colapsa and One becomes a solid object! The electrons become solid matter (or particles) when they are being observed. And when it is stopped to them observing they turn again into invisible waves of energy. Cliff Robbins takes a slightly different approach. In essence the world this constructed by particles (they are the bricks of our universe) and the observer whom it has to be able to turn to a solid particle electron or to make it disappear we are we. In the film " What the Bleep" the subject of the quantum physics is touched that we finished describing previously and a little goes away beyond saying that it is possible to create our day intentionally as want we it that he is. Now hazte the following questions: That it would happen if first thoughts that we have when waking up in the morning had the power to affect what it happens to us during that day? And that would happen if all, all, all our thoughts influenced our world in their totality? And if this outside truth and your you are the one in charge to create your day you would not like to take the reins by same you instead of to leave continues doing what he wants? What it would happen if you little by little learned to direct to your attention observation towards the parts of your life that are even invisible and to give life them? It would not be good then that before beginning to refunfuar or to curse the new day you began creating your day of intentional way so that is as your you want? In the film " What the Bleep" the Dr.


Friday, August 14th, 2020 News