The Internet In Latin America

Latin America today has more than never much more clearly the advantages afforded online culture and is a fact that every day this culture is consolidating, gaining many adherents. Whether for educational purposes, business or fun there are many those who choose to hire a service of domestic internet in Latin countries. The reasons and circumstances that are pushing users to make his connection at home are different. In the case of El Salvador, the same insegurida situation has forced many parents to take the decision to connect to the network so that the guys do not leave home. Others see it as something very suitable for the handling of your personal accounts, use email, etc. But something that has caught the attention of the experts is the growing use of the internet in Latin America for electronic commerce.

Pyramid Research, a well-known consulting firm, says that advertising online and on mobile phones has experienced a favorable growth, reaching now represent 3% of the total number of advertising in all the media. In addition, the number of internet users in the individual is now 45 million registered users.Do thanks to the large proportion of broadband accounts, access to the Internet in Latin America market generated 8.5 billion dollars in 2007?, says the study commissioned by Google to this company. With this growth, the opportunities to generate money from home are now a better market in Latin America. There are many people who have been involved in the traditional MLM companies such as AMWAY, HERBALIFE and OMNILIFE, who now opt for companies recognized on the internet as GDI. Companies such as GDI, Global Domains International, which is dedicated to the supply of domains and hosting, migrated its services to the Spanish language, under the growth of the internet in our countries. If you are of those people who see a business opportunity on the internet and generate money, as well as an fun and convenience, I suggest you visit the following link.


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 News