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So, I'm sure that you have turned out an impressive list. Prepare interenuyu it and start calling or meet. Do not forget to ask your buddy the name of another person, who in his opinion, Interested to your business. The next way to BLOG. He mozhet be paid and free.

It can also be thematically, ie located on the site of some company or a magazine. In this case – the audience will be limited, but the target. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cyrus zocdoc. There are many subtleties about the progress of the business through your blog. To be most effective should be explored sootvetsvuyuschiyu information. The easiest way to start your own blog: go on my blog and in the upper right corner click on the 'create blog'.

On the blog you can write articles about your business, keep your links to other sites or sites of your partners, so you can leave an unlimited number of comments on other blogs, click on that, the reader gets to your blog. Free, but requires investment of time links. As already mentioned, comments with links can be left on the blogs, articles, news sites, niche sites, in comments to the videos and photos, discussion forums, in comments to the comments and other available places. The next important tool for placement of articles you can write articles by the hundreds and even thousands, but no one This will not know if you do not place them correctly. So, having written an interesting, and most importantly useful article be sure to leave a link to the source, ie, your blog or website, in the end.

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