Ward Hercules

In case outside little, the way that classical Astrology positioned the Moon, houses and most of the planetary positions in your Astral chart, disagreed quite with reality. Bigger than the Sideral Tropical Astrology error. And again I ask, how can be either an interpretation that is derived from the position of celestial bodies, if these, due to an astronomical appreciation misperception, placed evil in the chart? With how easily you say all that, think you, But you can try it? With all due respect, I think so. Ever heard of ASTRONICA? Isn’t it? Well, as I said at the beginning, Astronica can be a great blessing to astrology, or can be your worst nightmare, depending on how you look at things. Astronica is able to locate contemporary technique, interpret and make use of the cosmic energias-fuerzas that surround and permeate our terrestrial environment and our to be comprehensive.

The data used by Astronica is the same that uses American NASA, the that European and Australian IPS (and several other space agencies). I.e., the facts and spatial phenomena analyzed by modern astrophysicists, as well as those assessed by the electromagnetic astronomy (i. e., radio waves, infrared, x-ray, ultraviolet, radiation etc.). This, together with the information provided by satellites and space probes, is the data used by Astronica. To tell the truth, I love the folklore that supports classical astrology, as I cherish the old fables about the mythical powers of the ancient Greek gods. For example, Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, Chiron, the old and wise Centaur, lecturing his awake Ward Hercules, as well as the beautiful Selene mounted in his silver carriage crossing the night sky. What of those times, when everything could be explained with such fascinating stories! But, wonder, do I have to determine the primary Constitution of my being (i.

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