Zone East

Although to exist, in the capture areas, other species of commercial value it are of the state of Amazon (mainly catfishes), the same ones are rejected to a large extent of the season of fish annual. During the collection of data for accomplishment of this article, was used the direct systematic comment initially, enters the months of March and June of 2011. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. At as a moment, after the creation of bonds of friendship with some members of the studied community, the used method of research was the participant, allied comment mainly to the etnogrfica interview with some members. According to Hammersley (1990), the term ' ' etnografia' ' it relates, in metodolgicos terms, social inquiry that holds the generality of the following functions: ) the behavior of the people is studied in its habitual context and not in artificial conditions created by the investigator; b) the data are collected through diverse sources, being the most important comment and the informal conversation; c) the retraction of data is not structuralized, in the direction where it does not elapse of an execution of a plan detailed and previous to its beginning, nor is preset the categories which will be later used to only interpret the behavior of the people (what it does not mean that the inquiry is not systematic, but that the data are collected in rude, according to how much possible a so inclusive criterion); d) the focus of the study is a group not very great of people, but, in the inquiry of a life history, the focus can be an only person; e) the analysis of the data involves interpretation of meaning and function of action human beings and assumes a descriptive and interpretativa form, having (little) the quantification and analysis enclosed statistics, a mere accessory paper. Macys understands that this is vital information. The fishing community of the Mauazinho quarter the quarter of the Mauazinho, located in the Zone East of Manaus, was created officially in 1968, after the definitive installation of the Zona Franca of Manaus. . Click Cyrus zocdoc for additional related pages.


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