Capital Reduced

Recruitment companies say that the jobs of traders and specialists on mortgage job at all come to nothing. But the experts in the field of financial monitoring of credit risk, cash management services and management affiliates had already noted the increased demand. In addition, the sharp drop in demand occurred in the top management of major companies and international banks. Developers have responded to the crisis of human repression even before the banks. In the summer of 2008 in the field of construction and development occurred as a specific problem. At the same time the company suspended the collection of this profile employees for all positions related to the development of business, leaving, according to recruiters, only to replace the position and current facilities.

Some recruiters state: the number of positions available Investment and construction sector declined by almost 60%. Reduction in the financial sector began in late September. Thus, the management company 'Maksvell Capital, has reduced staff by 50%, already has told former asset manager. The investment group 'Entente Pioglobal' cut by 70%, significantly reduced analytical and trading departments. Market participants are also talking about layoffs at 'Uralsib', 'BrokerCreditService', 'Veles Capital' corporations 'Open'. Employees of media projects on the market of mass media personnel also noted mild panic. Responded to the financial crisis Film 'Amedia', to reduce staff by five times, and the holding of RBC, which reduced 5% their employees. According to information from private sources, the large publishing houses with Western capital at times cut the budget for project funding, and by launching new and altogether have so far refrained.


Friday, October 7th, 2011 News