Network Marketing In Russia

Write about network marketing in Russia is to clarify the usefulness of its features in the light of the Russian mentality. After all, most companies choose network marketing to promote their products to the consumer. In Russia, multi-level marketing network, using an infinite number of international companies. Incidentally, in the comments please tell us about the world's known brands on the Russian market, the activities that you know. Known Network Marketing in Russia since the time of Genghis Khan.

Correct if wrong? This, he started to give a share of the resulting production, according to the number of soldiers, which led Rider to fight. Nowadays, the traditional network marketing is the sale of cosmetics and wellness products. In cosmetics, it's simple. A man enjoys a certain company and products on it is perfectly visible result. This is a major factor in persuasion. And is not it? Large networking companies like Oriflame, and use this modern means of advertising their products.

Let me give an example of cosmetic skin care company Tianshi, whose production is based on the discovery, which received Nobel Prize. I hope everyone agrees that she will not take risks and buy makeup of an unknown firm through network marketing in the hope of rejuvenating processes. After all, the one who recommends such products may keep back about all of its quality. Propose to read about facial rejuvenation drug, developed in China. Hear about a new network marketing and put it on the information in the comments, but I advise you to stay on choosing a network marketing corporation with Tiens. This network marketing is under a great marketing plan. Its features for Russia read on the site. On my own I want to say that network marketing is based on opportunity to earn income from production turnover of the company at different levels. Individual computer room and clear the profit obtained for purchases – characterizes the company. Choosing a company Tianshi, you're doomed for success, due to the popularity of its recreational products. As the world's major manufacturers of dietary supplements and medical devices for diagnosing and treating diseases, it has a good turnover and established logistics system, which makes it possible to represent its interests anywhere in the world. Choosing a network company, pay attention to these benefits.

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Roman Gnatenko Business

That’s it! Of course – it attracts a lot of attention. The work is simple – charge a high. What could be better. The only thing that I a little surprised – this is the price for the work. The price of one printed page and sent – 30 rubles. But since I have long been engaged in a set of text off-line, we know that the price can not exceed 10 rubles per page. More simply no will pay.

So, I wrote a letter to the owner, who offered just such a job. The result was not long in coming. The next day, I received a letter from the “employer”. In it he said that, as proposals for about the work very much, and conscientious people who do the work honestly, a little – then just last night was put a registration fee of 50 rubles. This should already arouse suspicion.

You write a letter and offer your services to earn money. But you write that they say, so and so, let me to start you money. And, so called, employers do not know what respect, the signature file, a personal appeal in a letter, etc. Them to it all just does not care. For them, one thing is important – the entrance fee, which they accentuate their attention. I decided to continue the experiment. As written in the letter I sent to the specified wallet 50 rubles fee. Why 50 rubles, but no more, no less? 50 rubles – this is just a small amount. And there is a strong likelihood that the newcomer bite on this offer. After a couple of days later I received a letter stating that I paid. Me assigned number and told to wait for orders. And as soon as orders arrive, they will process and send them to me. That is, they will scan text and send me to call. But had to wait a long time. We had to wait very long. After 3 weeks I have written letter to the employer, to provide me a job. To which he rudely said that there are no jobs in the near future does not portend. But, as I have before the game was set, I began to “bomb” his angry letters. At the beginning of answers came in saying that is about to begin the school year (3 months) then it will work. But about two weeks ago, the answers generally stopped coming. Why? Just the employer changed the mailbox which is probably already bursting at the seams from the same naive people. So, how does this scam: It creates an email address on a free server, writes an ad for zamanuhi. (The promise of wages in the $ 300-500), sent to all bulletin boards, job sites, will be charged an entrance fee (50 rubles, or more as a sense of proportion tells) After payment is promised to work through a fairly long term (1-2 months); When answering boring monotonous questions like: “And when it will work?” – begin to read with paragraph 1. So, dear readers of this article, do not go in the wake of speculators. Do not let them earn money on your ignorance of the process of earnings. You need to know and remember the information which I have described in this article, and do not fall for clever tricks of charlatans.

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Capital Reduced

Recruitment companies say that the jobs of traders and specialists on mortgage job at all come to nothing. But the experts in the field of financial monitoring of credit risk, cash management services and management affiliates had already noted the increased demand. In addition, the sharp drop in demand occurred in the top management of major companies and international banks. Developers have responded to the crisis of human repression even before the banks. In the summer of 2008 in the field of construction and development occurred as a specific problem. At the same time the company suspended the collection of this profile employees for all positions related to the development of business, leaving, according to recruiters, only to replace the position and current facilities.

Some recruiters state: the number of positions available Investment and construction sector declined by almost 60%. Reduction in the financial sector began in late September. Thus, the management company 'Maksvell Capital, has reduced staff by 50%, already has told former asset manager. The investment group 'Entente Pioglobal' cut by 70%, significantly reduced analytical and trading departments. Market participants are also talking about layoffs at 'Uralsib', 'BrokerCreditService', 'Veles Capital' corporations 'Open'. Employees of media projects on the market of mass media personnel also noted mild panic. Responded to the financial crisis Film 'Amedia', to reduce staff by five times, and the holding of RBC, which reduced 5% their employees. According to information from private sources, the large publishing houses with Western capital at times cut the budget for project funding, and by launching new and altogether have so far refrained.


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