Democratic Act

Justino Amorim Da Silva Bachelor in Cincias Sociais (ULBRA) Luterana University of Brazil. Blog: Email: WHAT IT IS the SHOUT OF the EXCLUDED ones? IT IS REALLY A DEMOCRATIC ACT OR AN UPRISING OF PARTISAN FLAGS? Before adentrarmos in our analysis of the democratic direction of the Shout of the Excluded ones, one becomes necessary to enclose on the concept of democracy and its origin and as it if of currently in Brazil. Also we will make a small description of as the Shout of the Excluded ones appears and its concept. The word democracy has its origin in Old Greece (demo=povo and kracia=governo). This system of government was developed in Atenas (one of the main cities of Old Greece). Although it has been the cradle of the democracy, nor all could participate in this city. Women, foreigners, slaves and children did not participate of the decisions politics of the city.

Therefore, this old form of democracy was limited well. Currently the democracy is exerted, in the majority of the countries, of participativa form. It is a form of government of the people and for the people. Some forms of democracy in the present time exist, however most common they are: direct and indirect. In the direct democracy, the people, through plebiscite, countersignature or other forms of popular consultations, can directly decide on subjects administrative politicians or of its city, state or country. They do not exist intermediate (members of the house of representatives, senators, councilmen). This form is not very common in the present time. In the indirect democracy, the people also participates, however through the vote, choosing its representatives (members of the house of representatives, senators, councilmen) that they take decisions in new of they had chosen that them.

This form also is known as representative democracy. Our country follows the system of representative democracy. The obligatoriness of the vote, different exists of what it occurs in countries as the United States, where the vote is facultative (it votes who wants).


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