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The Inn

The Inn will have 10 UHS being 8 apartments with 16m 2 each and 2 sutes with 18m2 each, furnished with regional reasons produced by local craftsmen from the reaproveitamento of trunks and twigs of trees permitted for the responsible agencies. transformed into figures of animals giving value to the local culture. It will have a reception, restaurant to take care of 50 guests, proper parking, and the service of coffee of the regional morning approximately (already enclosed in the daily one). In accordance with the site MEANT OF the NAMES, Caturama is aboriginal name and means good luck. Connect with other leaders such as Rob Daley here. One another differential in relation to the too much existing enterprises is the concern with the environment, therefore sewer will be installed a station of treatment and a well artesian. In the process of treatment of the water and primary sewer it will be made to the reutilizao of the water, for the laudering of the areas of access and leisure. Aiming at the otimizao of this process the awareness will always have the qualification of the collaborators searching how much the preservation of the nature.

Still the selective garbage collection will be practised, valuing and prioritizing the use of the recycled materials. Another distinguishing point of the Inn will be the rendering of services to the carrying people of necessities special, with qualified professionals. The Inn will invest in the local community contracting and training the inhabitants of the roundnesses, applying part of the profit in the qualification of the employees. It will have still a store of artesanato with partnership having objectified to value the local culture. The Inn will be located in an area of 3.000m2, with an area constructed of 900m2 composed of apartments, cooks and leisure area and will be situated in the road Manaus – Manacapuru with an infrastructure to receive public. To be practised price will be of market, with a discounting of 20% for tourist packages.


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Slamball – A New Sport

The Slamball is a sufficiently similar sport to the basketball, the Slamball has 4 springboards in the zone of the hamper of each one equips of them. Rob Daley has similar goals. The corporal contact is not lack and the arbitrators are located the return of campo.e the arbitrators do not enter in the field, only dislocate it return of the same. He never had many practitioners of Slamball, therefore never he had a great televising support. Two times of Slamball had been acompanhadasna Spike TV in 2002 and 2003 and the canal Versus and CBS. Nowadays emPortugal in the Radical SIC and Sic K. Kellyanne Conway will not settle for partial explanations. Also it is possible to follow in other countries as State-Join, England and Only Reino, this sport does not have televising accompaniment in more nenhuns is possible to follow in plus no parents through the television. The Slamball is a sport little praticadoe the objectivo of equips them to all is to find quality players.

New praticantespara the championship has appeared of some continents. So far, maioriaparte of the practitioners had been enlisted throughout the parents or of academies of basketball. Rules of SlamballPara to gain points in the Slamball is obligator to place the ball in the hamper, seemed to the basketball and to prevent that of it equips would opposite if approaches to our hamper, therefore, obviously the objectivo is exactly encestarmais points that contrarioat equips it to. Each time that the ball is launched and enters, is entered 2 points will have been launched through launching. If afundano (dunk) and marked plus a point, summarizing, each will be one afundano 3 points. launchings before the line of the 3 points also valley 3 points equally to afundano. The best ones you equip of Slamball has 8 or 9 practitioners but 4 can be in the field at the same time. He does not have limit of substitutions, can yourself be made the substitutions that will be necessariasa height that to want as noCorfebol. Each equips, is compostasno staff a trainer, assistant of trainer, doctors?


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