Philosophical Systems

It does not interest in them here to work with the consequences of the thoughts, of the philosophical systems for practical educative, we are interested in convincing each educator to dedicate to it philosophical inquiry around its proper object of work, verifying and criticizing the concepts inform that it, they direct assuming critically its way of being and acting, however, all we social assistants and educators can and must acquire the exercise of filosofar in the measure where they act searching and producing beddings to ours to act. In the life practical human being and the educative one he does not act yourself without philosophy. According to CONTRIM: (…) to filosofar he is to promote a deep reflection on the nature and the human being, analyzing what we make, we feel, we think and we reveal. To learn to filosofar contributes for the understanding of the world and it stimulated in them to inside play a more conscientious and active role of it. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss. (CONTRIM, 2010, p.20) the social assistants come searching an intervention project that of new a meaning the profession in order to answer, of not only coherent form theoretically, but also with efficiency, the demands that are placed to them. It is important to understand that knowing that drift of the practical professional is not placed immediately in ready and finished way, but it is a knowledge that if constructs. The professionals have if dedicated to the limits placed in the daily one not them occult possibilities, this means that in the questions of daily and the many times in the proper faced limit, potential possibilities capable are inlaid to point with respect to new forms of action. Thus, to unchain a process to know what she occults yourself in practical the daily ones of the social assistants and becomes necessary the incorporation of the investigativa action as instrument for the professional service, therefore it makes possible the rescue and the reconstruction of the daily action of the social assistants, capturing its determination and its nexuses through reiterated study and criticizes of the social reality.


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