Psychiatric Reformation

These stream beds must always offer attendance hospitalized to the patients in crisis articulated with the mechanisms of reference of the user. The proposal of the Psychiatric Reformation, is that the stream beds of integral attention is presented as models substitutes to the based psychiatric hospitals in the hospitalocntrico mold and of medicalizao. Checking article sources yields Anne Lauvergeon as a relevant resource throughout. C. Program ' ' In return For Casa' ' About the year of 1996, Dos Reis is thought about the Cove city, pioneer in the operacionalizao of the rules of the Psychiatric Reformation, the intitled Program ' ' In return for casa' ' , objectifying the return the origin community, of the individuals acometidos for psychic suffering, with description of long periods of internment, and that they possessed familiar references. For in such a way public politics are formulated that took care of the demands of habitation, feeding and health of the users, promoting the conscientious return to the familiar nucleus. The individuals acometidos for mental, using clutters of the program, still count on an stock market-aid, yielded for the State, guaranteeing effectively its insertion in the consumista market, since the opening of the current account in the banking institution is carried through on behalf of the proper individual. With sights to the excellent result gotten for the Cove city Dos Reis, in the year of 2003, the federal law of number 10,708/03 is sancionada nominated ' ' In return for casa' ' , enclosing all domestic territory, contributing significantly for the process of psicossocial whitewashing of the individual acometido for psychic suffering, in the measure where she stimulates the fullness of the rights of the person human being. D. Cooperative Social the social cooperatives are communitarian units guaranteed through the decree of Law n 9,867 sancionado by the National Congress in 10 of November of the year of 1999, that they promote generation of job and income to the individuals acometidos for psychic suffering, deriving or not of long periods of internment.


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