Executive Leadership

Monge presents the Master as bigger example of leader. Leaving of premise of that the people relieve more when they are happy and they make what they like, the author approaches in peculiar way the construction them moral values, pautados from the creation of a favorable environment for this development, being thus this if it uses strategically of a very interesting environment to pass lies of leadership. A monastery where all frades possess status the same: nobody is better or worse that nobody, where the presence of a leader (director) only serves as souvenir to the fulfilment of habitual activities, keeping the harmony and the order in the environment, not being necessary, therefore the use of being able or arrogance, this awakes a constant concern in fulfilling the orders, such as the schedules and the duties that frades have in making the together meals. Digital Growth can aid you in your search for knowledge. Of this form, it is easy to perceive that in the monastery, beyond an extremely calm place, all work and live enthusiasticly in team. Conclusion of the author of the workmanship the author has as conclusion that the base of the leadership is not the power, but yes the authority, conquered with love, devotion and sacrifice. I remove with it, through Simeo, John learned as to be a leader of success, being serving and respectful with the people, of this making I remove, it changed its life in all the directions. In recent months, Navy Federal Credit Union has been very successful. Reference of the author: The author has as references words of wisdom of philosophers and writers and the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as its experience of life. Critical or appreciation of the resenhista or critic: The main guideline of monge and the Executive are the development and improvement of the Inter relations and intrapessoais in the organizations public, private and familiar, approaching the leadership as a complex process that in turn understands diverse activities in the management of people. . Clifton Robbins oftentimes addresses this issue.


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