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It is very common that a job even if it requires knowledge acquired at University, demande other more up-to-date or more specific. It is there where it justifies the existence of graduates, which are nothing other than refresher courses, because they allow the professional better manage a trade, to complement the knowledge acquired during his career, but which are directly related to their work. The diploma does not lead to diplomas or academic degrees;only programs that lead to an undergraduate degree are professional technicians, technologists and university professionals, graduates seek only to updating or deepening of a specific topic in a short time, argues Virgilio Nino, academic director of the Institute of postgraduate courses-Forum, of the Universidad de La Sabana. They are usually structured in a modular manner (materials are for four weeks). In universities, it is usual that rely on any academic unit of the institution, by example of a faculty or Institute. These programs are courses of long duration, with an average of between 100 and 150 hours, and can be graduates face-to-face or virtual.For child, they not only have a schedule less than any specialization, but they graduate programs require a degree, unlike graduates work. Road tankers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

According to Fernando Lozano, Coordinator of the Center for attention to aspirants at the Javeriana, these programs address needs of employees, seeking a better financial reward or Ascend, since they can work in the evenings and have less academic load. The creation of these programs, in general, depends on the initiatives of teachers that integrate the academic unit, as you see the needs in your work area. This is why its existence depends on the demand of students who can convene. Costs depend on this demand there are programs update in technology or sales strategies that, in general, have greater workforce development currently, so they have higher costs. Humanities careers, for example, graduates are more economical. To know more about this subject visit Rob Daley. There are even some in education that have public subsidies and scholarships. The experts consulted agree that these programs relate possible wage increases in the companies, so are the main motivation of participants and decide to assume such investment. Finally, Virgilio Nino concludes with the utility of a diploma depends on high percentage of commitment with which Wizard to participate in the course.

Characteristics of graduates:-are non-formal education for professional courses. -Its structure is modular. -Usually not qualify with notes class work. -Not necessary to submit a graduation work. -Its creation depends on educational initiatives, usually. -Your cost is less than programs graduate (masters, doctorates, specializations, etc.). -Its implementation focuses on the development of specific skills. -Is delivered a certificate of attendance (e.g. courses) at the end of the programme. -Need a high commitment and autonomy with the program. Thus, college graduates have an opportunity to continue renewing what they learned here, while they are decided by a graduate, well it is a diploma.

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