The Risk

In this way I have learnt that the director spent part of their time to personally handle some requests of whom from classrooms worked to achieve its purpose of becoming professionals. In some opportunities and when needed took in his hands the guadanadora, the machete and the shovel, and regardless of the climate of the time, almost always an incandescent Sun, came to weed gardens, clean yard and leaving clean the area chosen for such work. Sometimes served with great dedication to dogs that were helping in the surveillance of the University. Details how these linked to the concern by their teachers and students won him the sympathies of an entire people that saw in him one of its best citizens. Yemit was a solve problems innate, of those in whose dictionary the word impossible is deleted.

For each difficulty had an output for each obstacle a solution and for all difficult times a don’t worry, I’ll help you solve it. He knew how to be a true representative of those who advocate tolerance as a basic element for peaceful coexistence, but when it was necessary to say some truth also did although this represented him, even, the risk of losing his job stability. Our friend had the job as a creed and rule of life; service as a duty in the development of their daily life and this, as it was expected, according to the law of sowing and harvesting, it earned him the friendship of all who had the honor of knowing him. We have now to Yemit among us but his legacy, his work, the fruits of your effort and a family proud of who would give them the best example. God bless them and also to his students, who are bound and committed to follow in the footsteps of the master in the path of honesty, value and concern by the community to which we belong. Original author and source of the article


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