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Plutocrtico Government

Exactly the GOD CHRIST, who investigates kidneys and hearts, only can take off of the death the Human being, because won It he destroyed and it when One with GOD became. Here, Andrew Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The son of the Man vegetates between the Being and Not to be, in a complete indefinio. JESUS knows who proper It Is. Government Plutocrtico 1. To the Angel of the church in feso it writes: These things say that one that conserves in the right hand the seven stars, and that he walks in the way them seven gold oil lamps: 2.

I know your workmanships, and your work, and your perseverance, and that pods not to support the bad ones, and that you put to the test that one that if apstolos say and they are not, You you found them liars; 3. that you have perseverado, and you suffered because of my name, and you did not leave yourself to esmorecer. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 2:1 the 3. The mandates lands Will obey the Supreme Mandates, If to want to survive, Because the politics human being Showed incapable quo and desumana It is its power. The Plutocrtico Government appears, That goes to destroy the rag Of the politics of the Human being, That if it delivers to the abandonment Of a desumano government, Where it increases the needed ones. This Government that resurges Of its rubbles Is on the lombos Of the White Horse That, in this end, Arrive as Pluto, to abolish, then, politicalha, Whose imperfection Has of being burnt and being renewed.


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