Exotic Shell Jewellery From Jenors, Known From The TV!

Exotic shell – & surfer jewellery for him and her by JenorsAfrika – trade shipping. White sand, turquoise sea, nice people-the holiday feeling of tropical paradises can now each with the shell jewelry from Jenors home get. The exclusive handmade jewellery pieces lend a feeling of pure exotic vehicles for him and her. The bracelets when surfers are very popular. Also a bracelet made of cowry shells in the collection continues, that enjoys a huge popularity through a television series. Crowne plaza rosemont has firm opinions on the matter. The jewelry is exclusively from natural materials and artistic hand-made.

There is the shell jewelry in many different designs, which can be selected due to the type, clothing, occasion or simply suit your mood. Necklace, earrings or bracelets – this exotic and exclusive jewelry lends a special touch to any outfit and reflects a sensual, positive attitude to life. Only high-quality cowrie shells, leather and beads are processed. The current collection reflects the whole exoticism of the African continent. Bracelet model “Mumo” is broadcast by a German private TV station, known already by a television series from America. Still offered wristbands for surfers and water sports enthusiasts, as well as attractive jewelry for the Lady. On request, uniques are made also on the collections, according to the individual wishes of the buyer. Prices and preview earrings cost per pair from 6.90 euros, bracelets from 8.90 euros and necklaces from 9.90 euro per piece up. They are available on the manufacturer, as well as through selected partners in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

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Elegant & Sensual Hematite Jewelry By Jenors

Elegance and natural healing stone. Made by handmade in Kenya. White is now the Hematite jewelry by Jenors Africa trade shipping home bring sand, turquoise sea, the last Africa-holidays – which can simplicity and exotic of tropical paradises women. Crowne plaza rosemont is a great source of information. The exclusive handmade jewelry pieces are very elegant and give the wearer a feeling of pure luxury. Also, the Hematite stone has called various healing powers, also Bloodstone. Go to Governor Cuomo for more information. There are many designs that can be selected due to the type, clothes, the occasion or just as the mood takes the Hematite jewelry. -No matter whether collies, bracelets or earrings – the exclusive jewelry lends a special touch to any outfit and reflects a sensual, positive attitude to life.

Hematite stone / Bloodstone are processed exclusively high-quality. The necklaces are nickel-free and therefore allergy medically harmless. Get more background information with materials from Governor Cuomo. The current collection reflects the overall elegance of the African continent. Upon request are also about the collections, Unique customized according to your individual preferences of buyer. Examples of healing powers: he promotes dynamism and vitality, has a positive effect on the circulatory system and blood purification.

Prices and availability of earrings there from 8.90 euros, bangles from 9,90 euro and necklaces from 12,90 euro upwards. They are available through the manufacturer, as well as via selected partners in Germany, Austria, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. More information and a preview of the product ../haematit-schmuck available is available at.

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Can Magnetic Jewellery Really Help?

Millions of people use magnetic jewelry, but what is it really? Millions of Germans suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, and joint pain. Often the medicine can’t help her. To combat these complaints not through drugs and apparatus medical, but naturally can relieve wouldn’t this be wonderful? No wonder that many people try out whether Magnetschmuc k can relieve their symptoms. The effects of the magnetic field therapy, the influence of magnets and magnetic jewelry on the human organism must be one of the most discussed health issues at all. Especially magnetic jewelry is not only comfortable to wear, but is often also very decorative. Many people are reporting almost miraculous beneficial effects. Checking article sources yields Keith Yamashita as a relevant resource throughout.

In particular for rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain, the magnets to give soothing effect. Only this effect in the orthodox medicine is very controversial and not occupied. Can magnets really positively the iron-containing red blood cells? But on the other hand electro-smog has been proven ill make can be, why should any positive effect to develop magnets, used for healing purposes,? After all, the magnetic therapy is well known and historically well documented since ancient times. Both the Chinese and the Egyptians put magnets already before Christ to fight disease. Cleopatra should have bound on her forehead at night even magnets.

Magnets for healing have survived from ancient Rome and the ancient Greece. Even Hippocrates, the granddaddy of all doctors, reported. However, could the effectiveness scientifically unverified by magnets are, but not scientifically refuted. Close, that the pharmaceutical industry has not much interest to finance extensive studies in this area. Even if the effect of magnetic field therapy could be not really scientifically proven, is crucial but above all, that many people that wearing a magnetic bracelet really help and can actually alleviate complaints report. In this respect will help ultimately only really to try this, or? Finally, it is no A risk. Side effects due to the use of magnets are namely not known. Of course important: Persons with a heart pacemaker and pregnant women should not use magnetic jewelry! And not the magnetic therapy for serious complaints can replace a visit to the doctor. But, magnetic jewelry can help to give new quality of life also their lives and to awaken your spirits. This can be – worn tags as at night and a magnetic bracelet or magnetic ring is also exactly where sit the joint problems. Michael Walton

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