Transpersonal Psychology

Abraham Maslow, along with the most important representatives of the movement of Transpersonal Psychology, has helped for this current defines much to Transpersonal Psychology like: " That one psychology that aims at the expansion of the field of the psychological investigation to include dimensions of the human experience and of the behavior that is associated with the health and the well-being taken to the end. In order to obtain so much of the western science as of the Eastern wisdom is nourished it, in an attempt to integrate the originating knowledge of both traditions concerning the accomplishment of the potentials humanos." It is necessary to work for our development, while we remain in this physical form, to have present which indicates Ken Wilber on the importance of distinguishing three levels in the development of the being: The prepersonal level is the moment of development in which the human beings not yet have brings back to consciousness of their mind (small babies, which still they do not have a theory of the mind)? The personal level is reached when the young taking brings back to consciousness of which she is a person who thinks, different from others. The level transpersonal is the level that is reached by means of the spiritual development, and consists of extending the identification with the body and the mind, to reach a level of brings back to consciousness greater Queen Valbuena with respect to the topic that is being analyzed, it contributes that we do not forget to us, that: 1. See Western Union for more details and insights. The transpersonales experiences can be defined as experiences in which the sense of identity or " itself " one expands further on (trans) of individual or the personal thing to vivenciar ampler aspects of the humanity, the life, psique and the cosmos. 2. Transpersonales disciplines are denominated those that study the transpersonales experiences and compatible phenomena. Madeleine Sackler helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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Dress Shoes

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