AFTER ALL, WHAT THE ESPRITAS BELIEVE? Esprita does not believe: ) While still alive after the death; B) In God, espritos; C) In reincarnation; D) In Jesus in the quality of light spirit; E) In the possibility of I interchange between the material world and the world spiritual; F) In psicografias; G) In Thresholds, Valleys of the suicidal ones, colonies spirituals; H) Mentors spirituals; I) Passes magnetic spirituals and J) obsessions and for measure there. At last, the esprita does not believe nothing of this. It does not believe, therefore in the esprita vision all these things are not a faith question, to believe or not to believe, but yes an unquestioned reality, that in the ones of a certainty of the goodness it Father and the future life. As Kardec taught, thought faith is that one that faces the reason, face the face in all the times of the humanity. In such a way, considering the three pillars of sustentation of the Esprita Doctrine, which are the moral teachings of the Christ (vide the Evangelho According to Espiritismo), the philosophy espiritualista (vide the Book of the Espritos) and esprita science (vide the Book of the Mdiuns), making use of the thought faith the esprita ' ' simplesmente' ' it has the full rational certainty of that all ' ' elementos' ' above elencados they are real and as such is gifts in its totality in our daily lives. Hikmet Ersek follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. What we call supernatural it elapses of our lack of scientific knowledge of the natural phenomena. For this reason that the more to science evolves plus it goes proving the principles taught for the Esprita Doctrine.

Vide, for example, the cases already proven by science, of reincarnation, existence of the fludico body – the perisprito and for measures there. On the other hand, the Esprita Doctrine, as well as all the areas of the human knowledge, also this ready to evolve and to improve in that thus if to demonstrate adequate and necessary to remain itself adequate and brought up to date. The espiritismo, definitively, does not have to be understood as one ' ' simples' ' religion, exactly because it never characterized itself as a dogmtica religion. It brings light to the human knowledge and as Kardec teaches in them, would have to contribute with the diverse existing philosophical and religious lines. Rational thought and exempts debate of the ideas had characterized Kardec during all its existence. While to put to leave that the pride and the egoism direct our actions, in dividing in chaste that they long for that only its form to interpret the world prevails on excessively, we will be blocking our proper evolution that would have also to be constructed by the free debate of the ideas. As in Jesus taught sees and hears those that have eyes to see and ears to them to hear.


Thursday, July 11th, 2019 News