THE I hate Carlos Mora Vanegas Amo betrayal, but I hate the traitor. Cayo Julio Cesar Asi said the magnet iron: I hate because I attract unless you have enough force to join you. Friedrich is regrettable, as the increasingly hate more possession of persons and gives way to catastrophic events from the war, disunity, separations, estrangement, psychic and physical affectations.Wikipedia gives us in this regard, to n simplest form can be defined hate as the antipathy and aversion towards something or someone whose evil is desired. It comes from the latin odium. Hatred is a negative sentiment, deep antipathy, disgust, dislike, enmity or repulsion toward a person, thing, situation or phenomenon, as well as the desire to prevent, limit or destroy what it hates.

Hate is the opposite of love, a feeling learned, used as autodefensivo element, sometimes bordering on the morbid character. Sometimes love, transforms into hatred when there are disappointments or deceptions. Hatred can be based on the fear of its objective, is already justified or not, or beyond the negative consequences of relate to him. Hatred is often described as the opposite of love or friendship; others, such as Elie Wiesel, consider the indifference as the opposite of love. Hatred can generate aversion, feelings of destruction, destruction of harmonic balance and occasionally self-destruct, although the majority of people can eventually hating someone or something and not necessarily experience these effects. Adds, that hatred is often the prelude to violence. Before the war, it is often useful to teach the population to hate another nation or political regime. It is common to instilling in soldiers, hatred towards the enemy to subvert the realities of the object of hatred, deforming their weaknesses, their threats and their reality objectively. Not surprised that Wikipedia, points, that hatred is still the main reason after armed conflict as war and terrorism.

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