In Spite Of Desplome In The Price Of Petrobra

In spite of the collapse in the price of petroleum, Petrobra’s bets strong Buenos Aires, Argentina 26 of January of 2009 Doubts that do not fit, in the present situation of the world-wide economy, the incentive to invest in the oil sector is much smaller of those than they existed until half of the 2008. The price of petroleum hardly touching to 40 US$ the barrel (a sincerely unimaginable level a pair of months back), and with perspective to continue throughout depressed 2009 and part of 2010, causes that the projects of investment in the petroliferous area are much less profitable that when the barrel of crude quoted almost four times more than its present level. In spite of it, several companies of the sector continue realising investments and betting to expand taking advantage of this time uncertainty and depression, to replace itself in the world-wide market of crude.Thus it is that at the end of the month of December it commented in an article the crisis to them restrains to Colombia, but not to ECOPETROL, the projects of the oil one Colombian ECOPETROL (BVC: ECOPETROL; NYSE: EC), that had decided to increase their plans of investment for the 2009. ECOPETROL announced at the end of 2008 investments by US$ 6,224 million for presents/displays year, three times more of the inverted thing in the 2007 (and a 35% more than in 2008). As well as ECOPETROL in Colombia tries to expand and to grow to also obtain that the country autoabastezca of crude and is net even exporter, Petrobra’s (BVSP: PETR3; NYSE: PBR), contemplates to invest to US$ 174,400 million during period 2009-2013, according to presented the past Friday takes their president, Jose Sergio Gabrielli. The investments of the new plan represent an increase of compared 54% with those of quinquennium 2008-2012 (that promoted to US$ 112,000 million). s_stmp’>Primerica: the source for more info.


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