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Consists of a double entry table whose columns are headed by a broad relationship of environmental factors (88) and whose entries per row are occupied by another relation of shares (100) cause of impact; both lists factors and actions have character of checklists from which select the relevant to each case; in this respect it should be noted that its origin is the danger of ignoring aspects that not important there might be in other countries. Each square matrix is composed of two elements: the matrix is not per se a model to perform EIA, but a way to synthesize and visualize the results of such studies; so the Leopold matrix is meaningful only when it is accompanied by an environmental inventory and an explanation of the identified impacts, of their value, measures to mitigate them and the program of monitoring and control. In short it’s a matrix of cause-effect relationship that adds to its role in the identification of impacts the possibility of showing the estimate of its value. To perform this type of matrices it is necessary to define the impacts and characterize them. When it comes to characterize an impact have a series of very defined legal criteria, and which are as follows: presence (Notable/minimum).

Generic character (+/-). Type of action (direct/indirect). Synergy (simple/cumulative/synergistic). Temporality (short/medium/long term). Duration (temporary/permanent). (Reversible/irreversible) reversibility of the system: If the natural environment is capable only of returning to the original quality of the system. Recoverability (recoverable/unrecoverable): return to original quality by corrective measures. Continuity (continuous / discrete).

Periodicity (newspaper/Aperiodico). This characterization can be make an assessment of the impacts, taking into account the legislative criteria contained in the directive and its subsequent transpositions to the EU Member States. Valuation can be performed with the following classification: Compatible: quick recovery without corrective action. Moderate: recovery takes some time but do not need measures corrective or just some very simple.

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