Ovulation – The Most Fertile Child

In today's world there is a trend that women are trying to postpone pregnancy until later, and on average, for the majority of women have two children with a difference of about four years. And this trend is increasing, and that's why women need to understand what period in their lives is the most favorable for conception. Ovulation – a period when the egg is released from the ovary. Sperm can exist for long time inside the body women – about 2 days, and the egg lives only 24 hours after she is released from the ovary. That is why the time favorable for conception is very limited, and 20% of the healthy and young couples can not conceive child because of the fact that they have no sexual intercourse during ovulation in women.

According to current studies, most women do not know when they became pregnant. To increase their chances of getting pregnant, you need to monitor their period of fertility. The most favorable period for conception is 7 days after ovulation. However, the menstrual cycle can vary from cycle to cycle, which complicates the determination of ovulation – the most fertile period. Now there are a number of ways that modern women are used to determine ovulation.

The most convenient and efficient method is the determination of ovulation on the basis of the effect of "fern" in the crystallization of saliva. Existing devices that use this method, reliable, compact and allow to determine ovulation without the participation of doctors. In Ukraine, this device is already proven themselves as "OMC-test". You can also celebrate your menstrual cycle on a calendar to determine the days when you, with high probability, will start ovulating. You can also measure your basal temperature. Usually after ovulation basal body temperature rises by one degree, and lasts until the end of the cycle. Another way to determine the most prosperous of the day of conception is to check the cervical mucus. Within a few days each month of this mucus changes during ovulation. You can watch these changes to determine the most favorable time for conception. It must be remembered that the woman's chances of conceiving drop by 20% in those Over 30 years, and 5% for those over 40.


Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 News