The poultry keeping already is a landmark in Umuaramense economy has years. The development of the culinria having the chicken as main plate, assists the social workmanships in the city: Shelter Aunt Lili and Home Rotary, as well as expands the name of the city and still it increases the gastronmico tourism in the region. 2. CULINRIA INVOLVING the LOCAL GASTRONOMIA the use of the chicken in local prescriptions takes in consideration the possibilities and the versatility of this ingredient. The prescriptions are flavorful, of low cost and serve perfectly conditions of all the social classrooms. It is of extreme importance to value the substances local cousins and to facilitate its I deal in diverse ways, therefore this makes with that more companies invest in the city generating new jobs and improving the economic situation of the region. The agriculturists who cultivate the maize will supply its product so that the birds are fed and with this one significantly increases the logistic one of the entregadores, fuel drivers, salesmen, ranks, mechanics of maintenance, being able to also point the final market: commercial cold storage rooms, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hotels and similars, points and of services that are stimulated by the economic base of the production of the chicken and its commercialization. 3.

THE CHICKEN IN BRAZILIAN PRESCRIPTIONS? IN RETURN the ROOTS Can be standed out that this formation is not only fruit of the miscegenation between indians, blacks and whites, but resultant of the freedom constructed throughout the time, making with that these personages they assume roles differentiated in the settling process and development. The indians are distinguished as pioneering in the raw material supply, in contrast of the blacks who had participated actively in the construction of prescriptions. Observing through a point of view more I criticize, can yourself be analyzed that these events had so only given after the abolition of the slavery, therefore until then the blacks did not cook for itself, but yes for the masters and in fact they did not create nor added nothing the local culture, only reproduced.

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