Suburbian Land

Construction industry development has led to large investment companies and banks, which displace the private developer. These changes have greatly changed the situation in the construction market. Such a pace of construction significantly reduced the amount of land in the suburbs that are suitable for construction. As they decrease, the demand for land in 50 km from Moscow Ring Road. Leading market specialists shared their views on situation with the 'owner'. Purchasers of individual plots are often private individuals.

This extensive area attractive to investors, which act as both known and not particularly companies and banks. Territory area from 2gektarov and above are purchased for commercial purposes. Here, a consumer advocate entire corporation. Besides these, there are also companies that use agricultural land purchased as an asset. Demand and proposal suburbs prefer an elite segment of customers. But for business – a class of particular interest near and middle suburbs. Economy class, starting from a fairly low price preference under construction country cottages to acquire relatively large areas in the far suburbs, an area of 1.5 hectares and above.

Protected areas are located near a forest, according to the Realtors, attract attention and are in great demand. For construction of point-like objects are purchased plots from 25 to 50 hectare. It does not matter in this case, the forest is owned or leased long term. Transactions entered into by large companies, smaller but the cost of their much more expensive. On prices, depending on proximity to the lake, the presence of the forest, the distance from the city, communications, road access, the cost varies weave. On the direction also depends strongly on the value purchase of land. If the price of one hundred square meters of land in the New Riga comes to $ 30 ka. Then or Gorky direction of the price of the same weave no more than $ 6 thousand Since over time the number of free sites is greatly reduced, then to find land for the construction becomes more difficult. Today to find land where the weaving is less than 7 thousand dollars. very difficult. And in the Moscow suburbs to buy an average plot of 15 acres, will require not less than 100 thousand dollars. On land, located 45 kilometers from Moscow, the cost weave varies from 6 to 10 thousand dollars. Visiting our website, you can save money and buy these plots in the same area, at a price of $ 3,5 – $ 5 thousand sq.m


Saturday, March 24th, 2018 News