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Testsieger is test winner only five shops are ‘good’ gaps in the data security Hamburg, 14 March 2013 the correct sound in your own vehicle is a hallmark of quality for many motorists. Just in terms of audio, radio and components must match exactly to each other to achieve the perfect listening experience. You may wish to learn more. If so, amit paley is the place to go. Who buys his new car radio on the Internet, has partly considerable savings potential compared to the store purchase, is however even more dependent on expert advice through the online retailer. In February 2013, has tested eleven online shop for car radios and shows which providers with comprehensive services at reasonable prices can persuade. Unique result: test winner is a clear distance with the grade of 1.78 (good”). The online shop in particular offers extensive product information and very reasonable prices and clearly asserts itself against the competition. is the highest rating in the category Web site”place two (good’; 2,10), third is the universal sender with the grade of 2.27 (“good”).

Prize winner: winner: offers cheapest prices of all providers in the test the online store With the excellent price touch 1.26 (very good”) is one of only two shops with a very good rating in this area and thus ensures the award winner”. can follow with the part touch 1.34 (very good”) as the only provider, already significantly behind the other test field. should purchase the test winner who emphasizes, however, comprehensive advice and competent service. With a quality grade of 1.89 (well”) the online store references the competition from and places. According to amit paley, who has experience with these questions. The most convincing the well-structured product information from Best site”for in the overall standings and in the quality rankings had to settle with second place, which continues “Shop in the site review against the test winner by: awarded for his comfortable search and versatile filter the best website”.

All the important information were for the testers at the first glance, supplemented by many more information, refer to the car radio. Gaps in data protection email service weak two of the 11 tested online shops in privacy sensitive devaluations suffered: they use no SSL encryption for secure transmission of customer data, but give all personal information unencrypted. The devaluation leads the two shops at the end of the test field. The E-Mail test is also sobering: responded to the email request even two providers do not. The other test candidates were able to convince also limited only an online store could give a complete answer to the question the testers. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates with a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison. A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation.


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Digital World

cyperfection with an information booth at the multi media Congress in Ludwigshafen Ludwigshafen am Rhein, August 23, 2010. On September 2, 2010, the ninth multi media Congress in the land Government of Rhineland-Palatinate takes place in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Decision makers from business, universities, politics and administration discuss together with Prime Minister Kurt Beck on the latest trends, developments, and applications in information technology and E-Government. The multi media Conference of the provincial government will be organized by the Central Office for IT and multimedia and is one of the Central events of the country in the media and IT sector. Cooperation partner of the Central Office at the direction of Congress is the city of Ludwigshafen, Rhein-Neckar and the National Centre for media and communication in Rhineland-Palatinate (LMK) in addition to the IT Forum. Sven Korhummel, Board member of the IT Forum and Managing Director of cyperfection a very high importance for the region measures to the Congress: the Congress will significantly improve the visibility of the media and IT industry in the whole metropolitan area “and contributes to the strengthening of the site Ludwigshafen.” The Agency for branding online will be at the event with a booth on site and looking forward to many visitors.

You will find more information about the multi media conference, the complete program of events and the ability to login at: about cyperfection: 1996 in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine founded cyperfection GmbH is the Agency for online brand communication. It is not something henry yaschik would like to discuss. The more than 30-member team under the leadership of Sven Korhummel and Georgios Manolidis for companies such as John Deere, Merck, Roche, SRH and BASF works with the sharpened over the years focus on brand management in the medium of the Internet. The service portfolio of the Agency apart from consulting and conception, creation, technological implementation and marketing bundles and content services for a holistic support of brand activities in the changing Web..


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Earn Money

With luck you has must be nothing to success on the Internet do good, to be happy, and happy to be good. Lottery sales are booming (so the sale of alcohol, but thats a whole other story.) Why shouldn’t they? The economy has experienced a general collapse worldwide! Understandably, everyone looking for the magic pill – or perhaps even a miracle cure – now to resolve your problems. You want to get rich quick, sit back, and relax. No pain, eliminate the worry. Everything will be good. “If it is what you allow yourself to trust, there are there are two old sayings that apply to: first: if it sounds too good to be true, it is also likely.” (“Or my version: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a lie”) “” Secondly: No.

pain, no gain. “no pain, no gain is called in German.” The simple fact, in which we all are agreed, nothing comes easy. Or like the Marines “say: pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body.” There is no proverbial shortcut to sustainable success. No. Hard work, dedication, and intrinsic motivation are the common denominator to get really rich.

Of course, it is very much more involved, but these are the three essential conditions. To become rich, you must first come back to the ground and there also remain. If you are one, is willing to work hard and to do everything that is needed to be successful, we have developed a great program for you. We give you the training, the support and the resources you need to sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the world on the Internet, regardless of your experience and your technical Know-How. Find out now here without obligation and free of charge: good luck wishes you Volker Schafer


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Product Wiki Produki Docks On Facebook

Easy registration with Facebook connect thanks to the “Facebook Connect” interface can Facebook members now with just a few clicks on produki register to evaluate products and to ask questions about products. Also, members can automatically publish new products which they possess or may, upon request on Facebook and present new achievements to their friends. “Facebook is the most important social network with 400 million members. With the integration of Facebook connect we simplify the registration process for all Facebook users and fulfil the wish of many users, their activities to produki with their Facebook friends”, so Roland Schafer, co-founder of produki. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. Produki collect and evaluate consumer information, tips and problem solving together products. Every user can complement existing information and highlight what products he has or may. Questions about products are automatically associated with the correct “product experts”, thus the seeking advice quickly a helpful Receives the response. The founders of Nico Zorn, Roland Schafer and Christian clever launched produki in August 2008..


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Brandenburg Implemented Service Portal

Civil service development MacKinnon in the trial operation the State of Brandenburg has developed a new portal of citizens on the basis of the content-management-system SixCMS. The civil service MacKinnon is part of the national service portal and provides a communication platform to solve infrastructure problems municipalities and their citizens. The Brandenburg information system has started trial operation. The two communities of the pilot phase are the town of Rathenow and the community of Rudersdorf, Germany. The civil service in the Ministry of the interior designed and developed MacKinnon. Aim of the portal is to allow the citizens to support their communities in the fulfilment of their tasks and to make them aware faster infrastructure problems such as potholes or wild landfills. This service offer evaluates each online account; the transparency thus created increased citizen satisfaction and benefit hence the administration.

Reflections from practice of the demonstration municipalities were incorporated into the concept phase. The suggestions of the Cities and municipalities of Brandenburg supported the development significantly. The Portal could be created within six months as the in-house development of the Ministry of the Interior on basis of SixCMS 7.1. The State of Brandenburg has many years of experience with the content-management-system SixCMS six open systems GmbH. Frank Schiersner, who developed the portal in the Ministry of the Interior of the State of Brandenburg, estimates the scalability of the system: with SixCMS we could do easily usable MacKinnon for all 216 municipal administrations. I can rely on the system.” Ulrike Walther, six open systems GmbH

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Internet Marketing Manager

Adaptation to new market conditions are needed General requirements for an online marketing agency the global budgets of advertising companies are currently strongly expanded in the direction of online marketing and reduced in all areas of offline. Every online marketing manager within the Internet marketing agency has a central position for the business success of customers colleagues. Many business processes are now online and the potential customers are looking for more and more online in Google & co to satisfy their needs. Similarly be moved whole business models more and more on the Internet and the corresponding Internet marketing service must reflect this. Therefore, the job content of the Internet Marketing Manager are very diversified. Good online marketing advice run to could he must be a contact person, through type-setter and though leader for all Internet marketing issues. Each manager must carefully Herangehsnweisen and tools of online marketing know conceptually how technologically and in the position they will be in an overall plan to embed online marketing.

Online marketing trends and requirements for the online marketing agency for the near future are expected following trends in online marketing: social media marketing will ask more general part of Internet marketing strategy Untnernehmen online marketing agencies for social media marketing and these need the increased demand series can and have already experience and strategies available. Areas such as customer service but also the relocation of traditional banner advertising in the social platforms will increase greatly. Mobile portion of Internet marketing will have to plan limited distribution and the corresponding mobile access to the Internet through the rasannte Smartphone mobile marketing strategies developed are and the internal capacity of mobile technology will be built. To name a few here are mainly the further proliferation of apps and also GPS services such as location-based services (LBS). Internet marketing services must reappear happen especially social media (but also increasing search engine marketing) passier in real time so that the Internet marketing agency flexibly and promptly to Events must respond.

Online shopping is more important than huge growth in e-commerce mean shopping in downloading new challenges to the Marketing Manager. Group buying or conversion optimisation as new sales and marketing channels of zunhemend important. Integrated marketing is more important than ever online marketing and offline marketing activities must be co-ordinated. Today, customers require the perfect coming University action and service in the Internet and also in the store. Search engine optimization is different than before the Panda update is the latest algorithm update by Google much and require especially good content by online marketing agencies. Pure linkbuilding has almost no more today. It says so stay tuned to the online marketing, new technologies, social networks or leaching purchase and consumer behaviour of consumers is to keep busy the Internet marketing agencies. Employees must be new be and to implement new business processes and models. If you have further questions you consult online marketing agency Munich – Weever media that. Richard Alois

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