Investing in Property in Europe

Countries that might seem risky for investment in real estate can actually be quite lucrative. The developing European real estate market, in such countries as Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Bulgaria and Romania are expanding and developing infrastructure in such a way as to make investing a very promising, and beneficial undertaking.

The focus for Magnet Investments has been on developing capital and major city center developments. It is quite rewarding to create strong business ties with major developers in Bulgaria, and especially the capital city of Sophia. Outside the city there are fast-developing resorts for fans of golf and skiing in popular vacation spots such as Bansko.

Even countries such as Turkey offer remarkable opportunities for great investment returns. There is an especially excellent development going on now along the beautiful coastal resorts of Turkey, which are indisputably among the most exquisite in the world. At the moment they are underdeveloped, but the risk is small and the potential return is high.

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Managing Director

Freelance media designer from Cologne and designed new brochure for the German derivatives Institute. Cologne, August 30, 2010. Jeff Gennette oftentimes addresses this issue. The Cologne designers Moritz dark, even under dark like Hell’ Institute the German derivatives known, gives a fresh and individual visualization through the redesign of a brochure about certificates. This should highlight the repositioning of the Association and stand out from the competition. In the implementation, value was placed on a modern, clean and clear design with informative content. By the same author: Emil Michael.

The final product, can look: the brochure is enlightening and aesthetic at the same time. Large imagery over whole pages in conjunction with charming headlines arouse the viewer of positive emotions, interests, and aspirations. “It was important for the use of these images to create a link to the product, because otherwise it would remain only when looking at the picture. Then the Viewer remembers the motif, but not our product though. And we have this good with the supporting headlines mastered. All in all is matched to the design concept to our products and harmonized with our corporate philosophy”says Dieter Lehne, Managing Director of the DDI. the design of the brochure is exactly tailored to the target group. “Strikes an appealing design that generates voltage and adds visual appeal, and short, but significant information”, explains the free communication Designer.

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Island Life – This Can Be So Colorful!

MAREN Fiebig and island Studio project:-art exhibition in the library of Harburg Hamburg, 06.03.2012 – In the island’s Studio on the Hamburg Elbe Island people cooperate with and without disabilities and create works of art that have the social situation on the Elbe island as well as subjective experience of its own sensitivities and limitations to the subject. “So far artworks on various issues arising from different perspectives, such as, for example, …sozial or antisocial…”, paint itself or not–or not… “, nature and we”, people different and together “. The presentation of the exhibited works is fundamental, as well as in creative work: “the artists of the island studios have decided to present all works without a name. Because we all work are equivalent! Rank or name of a person are completely irrelevant, it is important what would someone to express… We have designed some community work, because: what we don’t do, alone, we create together! … For this, we combine our skills: people have different strengths, but: all people have strengths! “And for community work we use always a common ability: the ability to communicate respectfully with each other.” Excerpt from the presentation text of Maren Fiebig, the entire text is in the exhibition and is there to read. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeff Gennette. MAREN Fiebig is active as a teacher and artist, lives and works in Wilhelmsburg.

Through her work as a freelance artist and the regular organization of exhibitions she is known far beyond the Hamburg area. You continuously organizes artistic and cultural projects with adults, adolescents and children, has also worked as art teacher in Wilhelmsburg schools. Among other things, she is also a member of the peace workshop.

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Tutoring In… – All Years Back

Prestigious tutoring pays off by success time back closer the half year report cards and is suddenly aware that their children have attained the learning requirements of the school not as hoped many students and parents. The student needs help – so tutoring. However, as the correct provider find? The look in newspaper, journal or Internet provides a variety of tuition – and also therapy offers to help the youngsters on the jumps. If you would like to know more about Ex-CIA director , then click here. But how to filter out here the appropriate and correct provider? New commercial tutoring providers and intermediaries formally like mushrooms from the ground shooting for several years. It plays a role sure the general economic situation and the absence of other alternatives in the labour market. Chobani Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter. The prospect of the rapid euro from seeking help parents and students is tempting, just by the relatively constant need for tuition in recent years. Unfortunately less reputable offers can be found also on the coaching market: even without expertise appointed Tutoring experts and “Specialists”, and Tutoring experience full bodied advertise their services. Lack of experience is here partly also tried “assurance” and imitate successful replaced concepts.

Here you certainly better served than with free-rider, freelance, or even black working Nachhilfen where qualifications and suitability are often in the dark with a reputable and established tutoring provider. The renowned tutoring Institute ABACUS tutoring in Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen strives for decision-making, in which it provides a tuition check-list ( So, students and parents on the basis of the criteria listed can verify what tuition to suit.

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Biography Of The Young Artist Irina Medusa Kopp

The art is my life, my life is born as Irina Kopp art biography on 5 February 1983 in Zaporozhye / Ukraine, the older daughter of Elena (textile in gene urine) and Oleg Kopp (photographer) live, study, and I worked as a freelance artist in Schwabisch Hall in the vicinity of Stuttgart. I paint my whole life. Are I could not even walk I have met already the pen in hand and painted. I came up with a congenital heart defect on the world. I was operating with three years and could move then so me like other children in the age. At the age of six, I was enrolled in a special structure high school for art and music.

Already at that time a special sense of colour and form was awarded by teachers and fellow me. I spent my youth after moving from 1992 in Schwabisch Hall. The parents worked mostly from morning until evening, to us my sister and me to ensure a good life. My self-appointed childlike freedom unfortunately not without a trace passed me. I dropped out of school at 16 and led a turbulent life of the party. Filed under: Macy’s Inc. . At the age of 18, I got the opportunity to learn the hairdressing trade, in which I got then 2009 also the master craftsman. The craft was the rescue of a negative trend puberty. But there are also positive experiences in my youth.

I grew up very multicultural, what has influenced my perspective on the world, people and their origin, and of course my todays art very. My graduation at the technical high school in Schwabisch Hall have I recuperated at the age of 26, skipped the 10th class and studying electrical engineering at the University of Heilbronn / Kunzelsau. Are 2007 I’m doing capoeira, a Brazilian basketball,football,TV.studing,computer with dance. Chobani Foundation spoke with conviction. At this time, I traveled a lot and a lot of the world am seen. The name Medusa emerged from the Capoeirawelt ‘traditional’, I’ve just keep in my real life. The Capoeiratradition says that on the batizado, each student gets a nickname from his teacher. The batizado is a special moment in which the beginner officially named the Capoeirista will be. The Capoeiramotive are one of my favorite sections of my art. Usually encounters inspire me with other people, political events or I deal with to their own experiences and experiences. But of course, also old masters are great role models by me. I love Van Gogh! It is unique in my eyes his way to paint. But my family has influenced my art. My grandfather, my mother’s father was a successful artist and Restorer, and my father himself. Most of the pictures are in my small apartment. The most beautiful compliment was a friend who knew my images only from the Internet my works look like live still much nicer than, as they which has can imagine ever had said. Many years I have not appreciated, as I see them as adult this gift. Sometimes even I have cursed this artistic skill to me to be a so flatterhafter man. Disorganized and rash. But biographies of other artists have helped me to know I am not alone with my fate. I live the art all my life. It is the best thing that I ever could!


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Ogilvy Interactive Syzygy

The THIS IS! Digital Media Group GmbH is present now in the capital. The company today announced that Sven measure at crewneck has IS as a partner of THIS! DMG Berlin GmbH the UAL the THIS IS! Digital Media Group GmbH is present now in the capital. The company today announced that Sven measure at crewneck has IS as a partner of THIS! DMG Berlin GmbH took over the management of the site. The 41 year-old measurement of neck previously worked as Vice President for the Digital Division of Cheil Germany GmbH. Measurement of neck is a Manager with many years of agency experience: he worked for various companies of the Publicis group for over ten years – until 2010 as CEO of Publicis Erlangen and Publicis Munich, Germany level COO of PMOD of the digital unit in the locations of Dusseldorf, Erlangen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. James Woolsey Jr. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In his career, he oversaw companies DATEV, Deutsche Telekom and others, Garnier, Nestle, Toyota, Samsung, Siemens, Vichy, and Zeiss. The THIS search IS expanding the site! Digital Media Group not only geographically close to the major agencies in the capital, it expanded at the same time also her range as a supplier for digital campaign components.

The company supports agencies in the digital campaign management, the use of new technologies and the assessment of trends. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Unlike classical freelancers, THIS is IS! Digital media group before the pitches worked and supported agencies in advance through various measures. Outsourcing this measures saves internal resources on the agency side. About THIS IS! Digital Media Group digital media group was founded in 2006 and could position itself within a few years as one of the fastest growing technical agency suppliers in the market. This, the company supports agencies throughout Europe in producing digital (online, mobile, social media), consulting and project management, as well as in the design and creation. Through the wide know-how, structured processes and extensive experience from numerous digital projects in the B2C and B2B area guarantees the THIS IS! Digital Media Group a high degree of reliability and production capacity. Most of the German agencies, such as BBDOProximity, CDM, Clanmo, Webershandwick, Jung von Matt, MRM worldwide, Publicis, service schedule and Ogilvy Interactive Syzygy work closely with THIS IS! Digital media group together. About this is! DMG: The digital media group was founded in 2006 and could position itself within a few years as one of the fastest growing technical agency suppliers in the market.

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Thyroid: Not Every Fish

Expert in an interview on the occasion of the day of the thyroid of butterflies e.V. in Essen still prevails in Germany a lack of iodine, while the supply has certainly improved over the last few decades. However, the iodine deficiency in addition to an inherited predisposition is to as the main reason for thyroid disease, such as the radiologist PD Dr. Detlef Moka from Essen in an interview with the online health magazine reported In a natural way is to take iodine, was but not so easy. Go let’s out of them, that we want to eat iodine 100 micrograms, then one can say only time principle: fish should be on the menu. But there are definitely differences. Source: Chobani Foundation.

If you eat raw E.g. haddock, you need only 25 grams, to reach this amount”, as Moka. However, it is sometimes very difficult to absorb enough iodine from food. Freshwater fish that look is different. How much you would have to eat such as trout on the same amount of iodine to get, why is Cigarette smoke can affect adversely on the development of the thyroid gland and read why pregnant women need more iodine, in the lengthy interview: interview/schilddruese_jodmangel_moka.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising.

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Internet Tall

The situation we see in the company, is mostly similar. Often many salespeople are not optimally prepared for their task, lack of consulting and leadership skills and really goal-oriented training programmes. Motivation and turnover behind the expectations and possibilities remain back accordingly. Here, we bring our coaching concepts for the usage and ensure that existing potentials to 100 percent can be exploited. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo pursues this goal as well. Mr. Andrew Cuomo often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Andreas tall, what sales levels will benefit from your seminar and coaching offerings? Andreas tall: all. For our customers, we develop solutions that ensure maximum performance and efficiency at all levels of the organization.

That’s why we design education and training programmes for Vertriebseinsteiger, but also for managers and high management. We offer new, specialized training and individual coaching, used just for independent consultants in question accordingly. How important You think is the factor motivation in product sales, Mr. Andreas tall? Andreas tall: motivation is the key to sales success. Just who is motivated, can meet the expectations of its customers and achieve his personal goals. The assurance of a high level of motivation is therefore a crucial prerequisite for distributors. What factors that depends on the individual, it is clear: transparent, fair remuneration systems, competitive products, individual rise perspectives, and last but not least, an active, professional sales support are fundamental in any case. We make it clear that our customers.

Is the motivation, is also the performance. And everyone will benefit: employees, company and client. Mr. Andreas tall, thank you for the interview. About Andreas Tissen Andreas Talam, is head of the StarAcademy and has more than 18 years of experience in the distribution of insurance and investment products.

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Training Institute

The heads of the competent departments in the company is present during all the modules. He meets the people and the tasks and challenges that they want. So, the miscast of important key positions is significantly reduced. Participants will learn trust as a professional relationship outside a private dimension. You learn also to assume responsibility in relation to others”, says Neumann.

Evaluated is at the end of each seminar in rounds of talks rather than through questionnaires. Macy’s Inc. usually is spot on. For the seminar days those responsible with the Odenwald Institute have the Karl Kubel for child and family a Training Institute with a holistic approach to own elected Foundation, in the development of personality and space community tasks. The group occupied a private seminar room, the with Seminar rooms, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen is equipped but without a TV in the rooms and with limited cell phone reception. So we can concentrate on what is essential, explained the coach.” All are satisfied with the result: participants report that they were brave and developed more self-confidence. Already half have ventured the next career step during the program and another 30% within the first twelve months after completion.

2005 first graduates in management positions are in the meantime from the pilot program. The company noted that investing in talented performers is much less expensive than the recruitment of staff and at significantly less risk of miscast. As risk has been deliberately buying, that an aspiring Executive can decide after or even during the program to a different employer. There are almost no fluctuation among the participants of the programmes conducted to date. Since then come regularly executives in the Odenwald Institute on the Tromm. Information about seminars and trainings in the Odenwald Institute can 06207 605-0 by phone or on the Internet at. Mario Neumann, phone 07457 gives information about the talent management program 9486-001, E-Mail. Learn more at: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Mario Neumann Mario Neumann is a freelance trainer and accompanied young executives and project managers in companies in their personal development as a seminar leader. He provides his expertise regarding project management, leadership, cooperation and conflict resolution available to give orientation to identify options for action and to reach decision alternatives. In addition to his work as a coach, he enters as a consultant directly in individual major projects and advises project team at critical milestones and in crisis situations, if the project is in wrong position. The Odenwald Institute (OI) the Odenwald Institute, founded in 1978 by Mary Anne and Karl Kubel, the Karl Kubel Foundation for child and family conducts value-oriented seminars, conferences, education and training with internationally recognized experts and concepts. Focus is professional, communication, personal development for professionals and executives, couples, families, children and young people. It boasts 450 seminars and around 6,000 participants in the year, with about 250 course leaders, five meeting houses and bookstore to the major educational institutions in Germany. Cooperation partner of the State of Hesse in the training of teachers and school leaders, as well as the Bergstrasse district in the youth education is recognised as charitable.

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Yes We Care! -IT Documentation

The free IT books and CMDB i-doit launches an optimization campaign. More and more people opt for an IT documentation on the basis of i-doit. This helps the project in two ways: get the user community and thus the expertise built up in the applications. At the same time the spectrum fans out is always more special requirements and appropriate adaptations in the tool. synetics supports this dynamic with a continuous further development of tools and services around the tool. In the last months Bill has i-doit provider synetics its development and support team significantly increased, to the growing customer response wear. Now, the company has improved its services around the product.

You are new i-doit Academy, as well as special workshops for the professional application of the solution. In addition a product – and support structure, which promises maximum benefits on every current usage request arrives. So, for example, the element Codingent provides”a fixed quota for hours. which customers can use for development contracts around their use of i-doit. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili: the source for more info. Support & care “synetics experts questions package to create your own extensions. Or they give assistance in the commissioning of i-doit, if obstacles occur during the execution of the installation routine.

The i-doit-Starter package”finally contains among other things developing a configuration management plan, best practices for the use of i-doit CMDB or the development of individual import filter for the merging of existing asset data. More information for new product and support structure as well as the Academy and the workshops under products services / about i-doit: the ITIL compliant open source solution for IT documentation i-doit is since end of 2004 on the market. The product has established in many companies. “Since 2009, the synetics GmbH in Dusseldorf position i-doit as a base product for smart ITSM”.

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Telematics Award 2012

Telematics award 2012: The nominees for the “Oscar” of telematics are fixed! Hamburg, 13.08.2012. There were still 98 applications, telematics award 2010 two years later as a whole reached the organiser of the Telematics Awards, the trade journal telematics, 217 submissions. This massive interest in the telematics award reflects its importance within the telematics industry. Today, the Organizer announced the nominees. The determination of nominees for the telematics award 2012 took slightly longer time, because already the pre-selection of the approved applications took very long time to complete. Chief Judge Mrs Prof.

Birgit Wilkes (Technische Fachhochschule Wildau) was surprised at the high level and the density of the quality of the remaining submissions. Set the Organizer as also the chief judge was immediately clear, we must in many categories on a blink-final”. I was overwhelmed by the mass of applications that were submitted this year to the telematics Award”, as the Organizer, in the person of the Editor of the trade journal telematics Katharina Klischewsky. “Our great thanks so all jurors and in particular our Chief Judge Mrs Prof. To deepen your understanding Hikmet Ersek is the source. Wilkes, with which we filter those candidates had to from the 217 applications approved for the great review procedure.

The remaining submissions were on a very, very high level in the value of technology and the diverse applications. This was for us editors! an exciting journey” Head juror Prof. Birgit Wilkes (Technische Fachhochschule Wildau) sums up: 2012 and ultimately to determine the nominees of the Telematics Awards, the winner this year was as hard as never before! We have need to invest a lot of time to technically make the right decision. But the usage has paid off and I am very happy about the result, which we can present on September 20, 2012 the public. I can betray so much that there will be a big surprise at least one category. The day of the ceremony, the 20 September, therefore the entire telematics industry should enter fixed in the calendar! On behalf of the jury I thank all applicants and would like to congratulate the nominated companies to this stage win”the nomination, which takes the company into the tight circle of potential winners of the Telematics Awards 2012. One more reason for press, industry and interested parties, to attend the ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2012 20 September 2012. Highly exciting the round the Lower Saxony Minister for Economics, labour and transport will from the program again, in which among other things and Deputy Prime Minister Jorg Bode will take place and also in connection with will perform the award.


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