The family of rodents include called tips and tricks for proper Gerbilhaltung gerbils, or even gerbils. They prefer a dry Habitat, because they originally come from deserts in Africa and Asia. Further details can be found at Keith Yamashita, an internet resource. In many of these areas it is very cold in the winter what characterizes the gerbils very robust species. Most gerbils live attitude with conspecifics, they are no loner. However enough space should be provided the gerbils, so that they can go to in case of doubt out of the way. Siblings from a litter tolerated best and with them there are least turf disputes. There must be always enough litter, to ensure that gerbils can fulfil also their beloved activity, tunnel construction.

Generally enough activities should be made possible the gerbils, to keep the animals healthy and happy. So, one should try to exercise them outside of the cage. In addition, it must be but first ensure that is there no cable or, escape routes are. Gerbils can become very slim and fit by gaps that appear too narrow for her at first sight. Gerbilfutter gerbils are largely vegetarian. Prefer you eat parts of plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruit, stem, root and tuber.

Some species eat but also small insects, snails or reptiles, and a few make even the hunting on small rodents. Attitude at home that can are very well finished mixtures used, suitable as Gerbilfutter. These include such as much good rice in the best case, are low in fat and minerals and vitamins. In addition, but also constantly fresh and dried fruit and vegetables should be fed. The Gerbilfutter can also like one are hidden, so must seek their feed like in nature itself of small mice and remain so active. You should provide a bit of dry bread, to ensure an adequate supply of salt. Live food such as Meal worms offered two directly up to three times per week. You should indeed make sure that the gerbils also really completely devour the insects, this otherwise live in the stable or decay. Gerbils and people of gerbils are the tame pets. If carefully deal with them, they almost never bite. Since gerbils are up to six years old, a close relationship between holder can develop un of gerbil. You need a little patience yet, to get used completely to one his gerbil, but if it is done only once, it’s worth also. September 2011, Bera Kasser

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