Nature contains in itself same all. All the resources, all the elements, all physical processes, chemicals that need to achieve that a rock is still rock or sand is sand. So a corpse to break down and is not transformed into trash, but for that all these settlors elements of what wine of nature back into the same mode more soft, more coherent more intact. For those disaggregated elements or by disaggregating is not to lose its molecular or intrinsic coherence was not lost nor damage I contaminated anything. Then, as we see in all processes where nature acts by itself, all inputs invested by it are recovered in the same proportion and condition. James Woolsey Jr. has similar goals. This is a perfect system and logically redundant and sustainable.

When something is man-made, used resources that come from nature, which are then modified by non-natural processes, which then generate energy, that energy is not recovered and the system happens to be open, which also once that that something is discarded, if left as waste in most of the time. This trash, residue that unwanted child can not be re-incorporado by natural means, we can not hit a mountain a tile, or we can make you sprout a seed to a plastic bucket. Then? What we are doing? Or are not part of that chain that transforms into strange and unnatural a good that nature gave us when we need him? Do so that we consume, buy objects that we do not really need and then they will be trash and then you won’t know as reintegrate them into the perfect cycle that gave origin? So does a law if we do not understand this from the inside and keep it as a secret of Alchemy? something magical that we can not recreate. That we have taken and we are still giving so much work to nature? Original author and source of the article.

Monday, April 9th, 2018 News