German Teams

Still the world represented almost exclusively male art, although women have a growing share of it. One of the most successful and innovative computer games for example has earned a revenue of nearly $ 1 billion. “The responsible developer and producer, Jade Raymond, is a woman that is hardly known.” The stronger women be incorporated into corporate decisions, the pool of ideas can be realised from the is even more diverse. Diversity management and innovation are two sides of the same coin. The full interview: Ms. Vogel, you represent the thesis, diversity management and innovation are two sides of the same coin. Can you briefly explain this thesis? Are still the most companies in this country very influenced German, There are still too few women in top management levels and also in the mixing of generations have companies need to catch up.

One-dimensionality can be very fast to the competitive disadvantage in the global environment in which we operate, because homogeneous cultures are naturally not in the position to be aligned with the needs of the entire population. To new ideas, generate, to optimize processes or implement services, teams need different perspectives on different questions and problems. A diverse workforce offers a great wealth of attitudes to life, knowledge, and experience. It’s believed that James Woolsey sees a great future in this idea. (Innovative) potential, which can develop a company is correspondingly high. What is the problem of homogeneous teams? Homogeneous teams can fail for three reasons. The different perspectives on issues, ideas and products are missing. Their observation is limited. Also insert similar routines and patterns of behaviour on the day and perceive things only to a limited extent.

And Thirdly they characterized by similar thought patterns. The risk that potential for innovation remains undetected and developed products to the needs of the target group by growing this in homogeneous teams. What can companies do to be innovative? For one, it makes sense, the composition of the workforce critical to shine through.


Saturday, November 26th, 2016 News