Highquality Wiring Accessories

Any modern construction regardless of the purpose and further exploitation of the object under construction is impossible without carrying out a number of electrical work. For subjects in the initial steel construction and subsequent commissioning are inextricably linked with the reliable, high quality and appropriate implementation of safety standards of electrical work at various levels of complexity. The quality of any electrical work is defined by two, inextricably linked components – it is the responsibility and professionalism of electricians, and quality used in the materials and equipment. But even professional electrician can guarantee quality and safety of work performed without a high-quality materials and wiring accessories. As you know the lion's share of tragedies, namely fire and short closures occur either because of no high-quality equipment, materials or imperfect, or fails to observe safety precautions.

Not a quality electrical installation, the usual outlets incapacitate even the best-quality and reliable equipment: washing machines, dishwashers, electric stoves, electric fireplaces, water heaters, intercoms, video intercoms, voltage stabilizers, air conditioners, heaters. But the worst consequence of defective electrical wiring – this is the death of innocent people (the elderly, children left without adult supervision). Temperature controllers from the best manufacturers such as company ElTreyd. The company produces exceptionally high quality products, and to Receive and conforming to European and Russian standards. This eliminates any unpleasant surprises during the operation. All Our materials are high quality and safe to use.

Purchase electrical materials and wiring accessories from manufacturers legrand, ABB, Merten, Gira, Bticino, Berker possible at a reasonable price. In stock includes: sockets, switches and dimmers. Terminal blocks, terminals, connectors. Lamps, cartridges and shells. Breakers, switches, modular equipment, tires, brake pads, relays, timers and contactors. Sometimes permanent sticking and pulling the plugs, sockets spilling out of the wall. This can be avoided by placing a socket with a "button", which is itself pressed to pull out the plug. There are times when the device worked so uzhno despite fluctuations reduce the heat, snow, weather (for example circuit breakers in the country, in the courtyard). For these purposes require a rosette with a high degree of protection and a protective cover. Besides the basic security features, modern high-quality wiring accessories are equally important, role in the aesthetic design of interior spaces. Professional designers know that the usual outlet or switch, can significantly affect the interior space. Design and color of conventional wiring products should harmoniously complement all the details and furnishings, in response to the general style. For example, sockets or switches with chrome coverage, more suited to the interior space in a modern style Hi-Tech, and will be completely irrelevant in the interior of the premises executed in classical style. The company will be pleasantly surprised ElTreyd huge selection design of switches, sockets, dimmers and elektroutanovochnyh products. Massive demand for designers and buyers enjoy the world famous and capture the imagination of many of us, world well-known brands: Legrand, Merten and Gira. (Sockets and switches Gira, Simon and Legrand) – a modern, beautiful quality electrical products. ElTreyd company – a leader in the world of electrical installation products and materials. Products are reliable and excellent quality.

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