Moral Progress

Moral progress is only possible in the context of the encounter with the Other, not from the institutions or alliances of civilizations. No opinion possible, or knowledge or perspective, that is not supported in a framework of values. In Puertollano (Spain), my people, I learned many things as a child, and it is always a must for me when rationalize society in which I happened to be born and grow. One of the major problems faced by organizations is the provision of information to all its social base. They invest large resources in getting appropriate instructions and in most cases must make a special effort to correct the deviations. Go to NY Governor for more information. Imagine the complexity of carrying all staff working in a petrochemical complex guidelines on any matter, whether employment, production, safety or any other similar nature. Or the difficulty in getting any government to citizens organizing campaigns. The reporting mechanism, we must add the task of creating standards for proper functioning of things.

Consider as an example in which the tasks we perform each emanating from its own ordinances. And if we speculate a little more to the world of law, full of laws, coercion and statutory provisions. Well, I learned as a child without being satisfied that it is legislated anywhere, that one of the pipes of the Fuente Agria Puertollano reserved in priority to people who simply wanted to drink a glass of water or a jug of Use public.


Monday, December 11th, 2017 News