Population Group

Whenever one searchs to know the profile of one definitive population group, it is looked to know which the conditions of sort, color, civil state, etria band, and escolaridade. The universe of entailed recicladores to the Cooperate-center points 15% almost more than the men of what of women in the measure where the men are 57.26% (71) and women 42.74% (53). She enters the carried through interviews in the Cooperate-center and in the Coopamare, we collect given with 19 workers, being 13 of Cooperate-center and 6 of the Coopamare. Of the searched universe, 52.5% were men and 47.5% women. The data supplied for the Cooperate-center had not allowed the relative distinction to the color, but between the interviewed workers, 31.5% are white (6); 26.3% black color (5); 31.5% mediums brown (6). Considering itself that black and medium brown they are black, we have a majority (57.8%) of blacks. Not it has aboriginal yellows and nor in this universe.

The relative data the civil state also are only of the sample and in it we have married 42.1% (8); 36.8% bachelors (7); 15.8% widowers (3) and separate 5.3% (1). They are only of the sample, still, the data of origin place where we have about born 50% in the state of So Paulo (8), being 3 of the capital, 2 of Saints, 1 of the Guaruj, 1 of Dracena and 1 of Itapira. Of the been born ones in other Brazilian states, 2 are of Minas Gerais and 2 of Bahia, excessively is of Sergipe, Mato Grosso of the South, Paraba, Maranho, Espirito Santo and Cear. But of one of them, it does not have information on the origin place. Observing it etria band I register in cadastre from it of the Cooperate-center (124 workers) we have 29.84% between 41 and 50 years (37); 26.61% between 51 and 60 (33); 16.93% between 31 and 40 years (21); 16.13% between 21 and 30 years (20); 7.26% above of 60 years (9) and 3.23% between 18 and 20 years (4).


Monday, December 26th, 2016 News