Virtual Stock Exchange

In the virtual broker, as well as in other simulators, you can launch market operations and conditional operations to be executed when that happens you are waiting. The online broker will periodically checking these conditions you choose and run when I can. Virtual Stock Exchange In the online broker is configured to run only when these operations can be negotiated in the bag, ie when the bag is open. The virtual broker will also calculate what your evolution from that recorded in the system so that you can check how you are doing as an investor. You can find technology-based simulators and computer programs online simulators. The advantage of online simulators for computer programs is that you can view their portfolio where there is a PC with internet connection. For a simulator realism makes sense, investment has to resemble reality.

In this regard it is important that the simulator applies the usual commissions also must have mechanisms that allow the collection divisions, detect SPLITS, etc. Get the details and suggest how it works Find out about your online broker or simulator, ask and suggest! It is important that you know the update rate of data, delays and charges levied. And finally knows what to do when everything goes wrong in the case of a simulator is not real money online and may be able to agree with the system administrators when an error occurs. In real life this is not so simple. In case you encounter an error with a real broker can do the following. If something happens that you do not seem well to consult the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to say if your complaint has found. If this is so, then contact the customer service of your broker. The next step is to file a formal complaint at the office of investor attention to the CNMV. Decisions of the CNMV is not binding but is usually taken very seriously by the various banks. If still dissatisfied you are not ready for a battle in the courts.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 News